UGC NET June 2013 SC ST OBC GEN Expected Cutoff Marks

UGC NET June 2013 SC ST OBC GEN Expected Cutoff Marks :- UGC NET June 2013 SC Cutoff Marks, OBC Cutoff Marks of UGC NET June 2013, UGC NET JRF ST Cutoff June 2013, UGC NET JRF CUT OFF GEN June 2013, UGC NET June 2013 Cutoff Score

UGC NET Cutoff Marks June 2013

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222 thoughts on “UGC NET June 2013 SC ST OBC GEN Expected Cutoff Marks

    • net means keep patience,much of the student work hard for it and much of the student it crack first attempt in their own ability.So results Yes or No ,it will be clear after few days.

      • agree with your suggestion for having patience…..but doubts and questions among the common fellows before any outcome clears many natures which one can’t analyse oneself. I thing u too replied during your visiting hours of this place.

  1. sir, i belongs to ST category, i had appeared for UGC NET june 2013 ( KANNADA ) PAPER-1=48, PAPER-2=64, PAPER-3=120 as per answer keys can someone suggest any chance

  2. I am from OBC Category appeared in COMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATION
    PAPER I (82)
    PAPER II (52)
    PAPER III (70).
    Total Marks (204/350).
    Do I have any chance of clearing NET this time?

  3. sir, i belongs to ST category. I had appeared for UGC-NET JUNE13 (ENGLISH). I SECURED 78 (I) , 42(II) AND 64(III) .TOTAL IS 184, AS PER ANSWER KEYS. CAN SOMEONE SUGGEST ANY CHANCE…

  4. My subject is commerce and i got 212 in commerce in general category did any chance for NET qualify………….

  5. I got 196 Marks In Computer Science in GEN category… Is there any hope to clear the net…. while Wrong questions benefit still pending

    • last result were published for CS : GEN at 212 and OBC at 192. But this time papers were tougher. So still chances are there. Keep finger crossed.

  6. my subject is law, my category is obc,i have secured 36marks in paper 1 ,48marks in paper 2 , 78 marks in paper 3 and my aggregate of all three paper is 48%……………my question is whther i am having chance to pass or not and tell me about cut off also

  7. I am from OBC Category appeared in COMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATION
    PAPER I (82)
    PAPER II (52)
    PAPER III (70).
    Total Marks (204).
    Do I have any chance of clearing NET this time?

  8. I am from OBC Category. Marks totaling Paper I (82): paper II (52) and Paper III (70). Total Marks (204). Do I have any chance of clearing NET this time.

    • U r at edge. questions were tougher this time and still wrong/doubtful questions still to benefit you. Wait for the Mega show (Results published)

  9. I am expecting 76 in paper 1, 74 in paper2, and 98 in paper in psychology. I belong to general category. Please let me know my chances. Thanks.

  10. i am commerce candidate from OBC category for June 2013 and my marks as per present answer key is as under:

  11. I am from ST category n i got in paper I-50% , paper II- 38 %, paper III- 60%…. will i clear net lectureship…..? pls tell me…

  12. I am from st category….I ve evaluated my answer key given by ugc… paper I-50 paper II- 38 , paper III -60…. is there chances of clearing net….can anybody tell me about this….? i will be very thankful to u for your comments…

  13. Sir,i will get 68 for paper 1 ,56 for paper 2 & 86 for paper 3 in management.. Should i get through the xam net or Jrf…i am from ST category..PLzz.reply..

    PAPER-1: 84
    PAPER-2: 40
    PAPER-3: 88

    • When will the official declaration of answer keys be done by the UGC, v have been searching for the proper answers but so far no one has been 100 percent correct sir pls publish the appropriate answer keys of all 3 papers.

  15. i secured paper 1 – 56, paper 2 – 56 – paper 3- 88 total 204 in management general category. wat r my chances to clear Net?

    Plz tell.

  16. sir this is nitu,from obc category.I am expecting 194 marks in management in june 2013 .Will i qualify Lecturership!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This time paper 1& 2 are tough.. so ugc may reduce cut off marks than the prev yr.. M from commerce , expecting paper 1- 60, paper 2- 50 ,paper 72….i belong to ST category….is there any chances of clearing NET? pls help…..

  18. My expect mark 1p.-74, 2p.-78,3p.-130 .total -282, I am gen. Any chance for net not Jed. Plz talk me .my sub.history

  19. I am expecting 60 p1, 58 p2, 86 p3 in psychology, from sc category. Any chance for lecturership or jrf?? Pleaseeee reply sir please

  20. sir plz tell me the cut off, in management net june2013 exam, im getting 80 in paper1, 80 in apaper2 and 110 in paper, will i b able to qualify

  21. sir i want to know the cutoff for management net june 2013 for general category, im getting 80 in paper1,80 in paper 2 and 120 in paper 3, will i qualify, plz reply

  22. what will be expected cutoff in economics.i m sc candidate and i m expecting 74 in paper 1,52in 2nd,70 in there any chance for net?

  23. i want to know that what will be the expected cutoff in sc category in economics. I m expecting paper1-74 in 2nd52 in paper 3rd 70. Is there any chance for net or jrf?

  24. I am expecting 60 p1, 58 p2, 86 p3 in psychology, from sc category. Any chance for lecturership or jrf?? Pleaseeee reply

    • Hi Shelly! cud u plz tell me hw u got 2 calculate ur mrks in psychology,coz i cnt find any1 sharing the unofficial answer keys for psychology paper 2 & 3. Plz tell me…

  25. I belong to obc category.I want to know cuttoff for management for june 2013.Can anybody help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. My expected marks are- First paper- 76, Second paper- 68, Third paper- 84 (History, OBC) the total is 228. Please let me know that, is there any chance to clear net (not need JRF).

  27. Please give me the answer key for history paper ii and paper iii. its my life. please please please please please please

  28. i have calculated my marks in computer science and applications for UGC NET june 2013 as 206…….. is dere any chance of lecturership

  29. am a Jrf aspirant belongs to OBC category.. am expecting 56 for paper1, 88 for paper2 and 84 for paper 3. pls tell me my chance to achieve JRF?
    Pls reply……..pls……….pls………pls……..

    • i want to get the answers keys for general paper 1
      paper 2 and 3 for computer science june 2013
      can anybody suggest me quality books for general paper 1 and paper 2 and 3 for computer science

  30. i expect 76 in paper i and 60 in paper ii and 84 in iii total 220 in management what are chances that i will qualify ugcnet 2013 plz send me
    answres for all papers

  31. sir i got 82 marks in general study, 40 marks in management paper 1 and 82 marks in management paper 2. is there is any chance to clear the ugc net exam…
    pls send rep. i shall be very thankful to u for ths.

  32. plz send me answer key for paper 1,2,3 z series & political science..ll b very thankfull to you…plzz help..

  33. i expect 60 marks in paper 1,50 marks in paper 2 and 80 marks in paper 3 in electronics there any chance for lectureship?

  34. Hello Sir,

    I appeared for UGC NET- Dec 2013
    Subject -Management…
    Quota – SC
    Expected marks are I – 68, II – 48, III – 76…..
    total – 192….
    %tage wl b around 55….

    Is there any possible chance to qualify only for Lectureship Sir ???

    plz reply

  35. I am expecting 70 in paper 1, 62 in paper 2 and 98 in paper 3. i belong to general caste. Am i expected to get LS?

  36. can u help me about upcoming exam UGC NET December 2013 all Notification like Application Form Last Date, UGC NET Dec. 2013 Admit Card, UGC NET DECEMBER 2013 Exam Date and Answer Key.

  37. pls send me the answer key of net psychology 2013.I would like to know the probable cut off marks.,what was the cut off marks of psy in previous years

  38. this is azam from obc category from management .Plz tell me expected cuttoff of management paper (june 2013)

    • UGC NET JUNE 2013 Answer Key of Sanskrit (Code 25): Paper – 2 & 3 (Un Official)

      Paper 2: Answer Key

      1) D,2) A,3) B,4) B,5) C
      6) B,7) A,8) C,9) D,10) B
      11) A,12) D,13) D,14) D,15) D
      16) A,17) B,18) A,19) C,20) C
      21) D,22) A,23) B,24) C,25) B
      26) A,27) B,28) C,29) C,30) A
      31) D,32) D,33) A,34) B,35) A
      36) C,37) C,38) C,39) C,40) C
      41) B,42) A,43) D,44) C,45) D
      46) B,47) A,48) C,49) B,50) D

      Paper 3: Answer Key

      1) A,2) D,3) A,4) D,5) A
      6) C,7) A,8) B,9) A,10) B
      11) D,12) C,13) C,14) B,15) A
      16) C,17) D,18) A,19) C,20) D
      21) D,22) A,23) A,24) A,25) D
      26) B,27) C,28) A,29) B,30) B
      31) C,32) C,33) C,34) B,35) D
      36) A,37) C,38) A,39) A,40) B
      41) A,42) C,43) A,44) A,45) C
      46) D,47) B,48) C,49) B,50) C
      51) D,52) A,53) B,54) A,55) A
      56) C,57) B,58) C,59) C,60) D
      61) B,62) D,63) B,64) D,65) A
      66) B,67) B,68) C,69) A,70) C
      71) C,72) A,73) C,74) D,75) A

  39. Please send me the answer key of net education exam paper II & III…………………….I will be greatly thankful to u for it…………….plssssssssssssssssssssssss send it on my mail id …………..

    • Answer Key of Education (Code 09): Paper – 2 & 3 (Un Official)
      Paper 2: Answer Key

      1) B ,2) A ,3) B ,4) B ,5) D
      6) D ,7) D ,8) C ,9) B ,10) A
      11) AorD ,12) B ,13) D ,14) A ,15) B
      16) D ,17) D ,18) C ,19) C ,20) B
      21) B ,22) B ,23) D ,24) C ,25) A
      26) D ,27) C ,28) C ,29) D ,30) D
      31) C ,32) A ,33) D ,34) A ,35) C
      36) D ,37) A ,38) B ,39) B ,40) C
      41) D ,42) B ,43) A ,44) C ,45) A
      46) C ,47) B ,48) C ,49) A ,50) C

      Paper 3: Answer Key

      1) B ,2) A ,3) D ,4) D ,5) B
      6) A ,7) BorC ,8) C ,9) D ,10) D
      11) A ,12) B ,13) C ,14) B ,15) D
      16) B ,17) A ,18) D ,19) C ,20) C
      21) B ,22) B ,23) B ,24) A ,25) A
      26) A ,27) B ,28) C ,29) A ,30) A
      31) D ,32) A ,33) D ,34) B ,35) D
      36) A ,37) A ,38) C ,39) B ,40) D
      41) D ,42) D ,43) B ,44) C ,45) C
      46) B ,47) A ,48) B ,49) A ,50) A
      51) A ,52) B ,53) A ,54) B ,55) B
      56) B ,57) C ,58) B ,59) B ,60) C
      61) D ,62) A ,63) D ,64) C ,65) B
      66) C ,67) C ,68) D ,69) B ,70) C
      71) A ,72) D ,73) B ,74) D ,75) D

    • I have original political science’s ans. Keys paper 2nd and 3rd held on 30 june nd can i share here plz tell me anybody’?

  40. i wamt plitical science ans. key paper 2 and 3 which held on 30 june 2013. so please send thes ans key kindally

      • for commerce near about 58 for general. for obc between 53 and 54 and or sc between 51 and 52. because this year paper 2 and 3 are very tough than dec. exam.

      • Hi Yadav. after Valuation, all d marks will b arranged in asc order and top 15 % will b drawn. Mark scored by d 15% th person is the Cut off. Of course, it depends on subject n category. How did u arrive at the cut off boss?

      • Mr. yadav I am not agreed with you this time all papers were very difficult, so I think the should be 55% for Gen, 52% for the OBC and 50% can be for sc/st


  41. answer key of economics, paper 1 series z and cut off marks for the net and award of jrf………regards

  42. i need physical education answer key for ugc net 2013 please post the answerkey to my email id.

  43. what will be cut off for economics 2013. am expecting 88 in paper 1, 50 in paper 2, 84 in paper 3. will i qualify for LS in obc ..please reply??

  44. i am in need of physical education answer key for ugc net exam june 30, 2013. plz post the answer script to my email id.

  45. I want to know the expected cutoff of ugc net jrf exam for education paper……am expecting the mark as 60 for paper 1, 80 for paper 2 and 100 for paper a whole mark will be like 240.. is there any chance for JRF? Pls reply…..

      • i have 70 in p1, 78 in p2 and 90 in p3. and altogether 238 in education.. any chance for jrf?? and will there be a lot of differences between unofficial answer key and the ugc answer key?? please reply..

    • Going by cutoff scores which are present on, you are a border line case. Cutoffs for JRF doesn’t vary too much over the years and this time as well it will be in the range of 68-72% depending upon the subject. Since your score is expected around 68.5%, so yours is a border line case with almost 100% surety of succeeding in NET but for JRF frankly speaking its 50-50 case. unlike the case of students scoring very high marks (75% plus) or students scoring very low marks (less thn 60%), in your case, you can be sure of result only after actual result is out coz its on borderline.
      And all the best for a positive result.

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